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Growing Families

Closer to God

Ministry tools for leaders and parents designed for generational spiritual impact and renewal.

Training for ministry teams, leaders, and churches.

Event opportunities for your ministry to connect with families.

A workshop designed to help parents claim their role in spiritual formation.

About Us

As ministry leaders, and as parents, it's often difficult to see "the forest for the trees". We believe that by returning to God's design for faith, based in family and community, there is tremendous opportunity to lead a simple, yet solid, plan of spiritual growth that outlasts a lifetime. If God is calling you to lead the next generation into spiritual growth & renewal, we're here to help.


At Growfamily, our vision is to empower, equip & encourage families, and leaders of families, to grow a strong faith with generational impact.


Creating a spiritual impact that complements this generation while weathering the counter-forces of culture requires that we set family and ministry up with the strongest, most sensible foundation possible.

Faith, or a lack thereof, is impressed upon children in the day-to-day, as they interact with parents, other influentials, and their community. Growfamily helps to strengthen that faith through:

  • Ideas & inspiration designed for children, parents & ministry leaders

  • Faith resources based on Biblical objectives, current research/trends & developmental theory

  • Online and in-person coaching & workshop support for ministry teams of any size and budget

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