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Sharing the Gospel with Kids

Updated: Jan 20, 2021

Talking about our faith can feel uncomfortable, especially with kids. I think the main reason is the fear we'll be asked a question we can't answer. Not surprisingly, my children are usually smarter than I am when it comes to matters of faith. I'll admit I've felt embarrassed or ashamed that I didn't see or respond to things the way I should have.

That's part of the beauty of evangelizing to kids. They can and do teach us! What a privilege this responsibility is.

I encourage parents not to fear questions, but encourage them, using those questions as a catalyst to find answers together, and in turn, grow in faith together.

There are many tried and true ways to share the gospel with children. The Wordless Book is still around, and expanded to include Lego or Nail Polish variations!

But, there's one thing that you need to take away today: Sharing the gospel with children is more than a conversation. Duane Olivier, of Growing Faith in Sydney, Australia, shares in this short message these words:

"Children will not follow what you TELL them.

Children will follow what delights YOU."

Kids take in everything they see and hear from us. Actions really do speak louder than words! If our words don't match our everyday actions and fervor, eventually people stop listening.

There's probably a thousand resources I could point you to that aid in child evangelism. Here are a few favorites:

This infographic is great to help us understand the best words to effectively share the

gospel with kids. What do we mean by jargon? Words or expressions that are

commonly used by a specific person or group and are difficult for others to understand.

Take a peek and you'll understand. I especially love the "He rows" example!

Disclaimer: I have not seen the curriculum. BUT, I follow Coat and @crossformedkids

on Instagram, and I've learned a lot! Cross Formed Kids is all about helping

parents raise their kids with a gospel-centered identity.

Not a short book, but a great comprehensive resource for children's ministry leaders,

pastors, AND parents. As a ministry leader and parent, I have loved this book for a long

time, and recently discovered the authors website, and WOW! Check out the printables

and lesson notes he has as free resources for parents and kidmin leaders.


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